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Bass Bonk

Bass Bonk

So this band rolls into town from Seattle and is playing at the Troubador the next night. The problem is, at the last gig, the bass player dropped his axe and took a nasty chunk of wood out of the fretboard as well as popping one of the frets half off, taking part of the fret slot with it.

I initially thought I could just fill the area with rosewood dust and superglue, but soon realized more drastic measures were needed.

First I removed the damaged fret, then I used some rosewood dust and superglue to repair the fret slot that got damaged. Then I took out the frets before and after the bonked one so that I could remove the damaged area and splice in a new piece of wood. I tried to match the wood as closely as possible in order to make the fix as invisible as I could. I then trimmed down the splice and replaced the frets and leveled them. A little finish on the side and you can barely see where the piece is glued in, and they got to the gig on time.

Repairing the fret slot

Fitting a new piece of wood

All glued up

Trimmed, sanded and finished.

Another view

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