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Epiphone Les Paul Headstock Repair

Nasty headstock break

This Epiphone Les Paul was in fine condition except for this nasty headstock break. It was especially bad because it was in the weakest spot on the neck because of the truss rod route. There was splintering that was bad enough so that I wouldn't simply be able to glue it back together and have it be strong enough for string tension.

I decided to create as large a gluing surface as I could by using my drill press as a mill. I milled away a wedge in the neck that I could glue a new piece of mahogany into.

The trick here was to get the wedge to fit perfectly into the milled section of the neck. I spent quite a bit of time making sure that fit like a glove, otherwise we'd have a bad joint and it could come apart.

Once I did a dry run, I glued it up and clamped it tightly and let it dry over night.

The next day I cut the big mahogany chunk down to size with a saw, and then shaped it with some handcut furniture files. I left a little bit extra thickness on there to strengthen the area, then sanded it down and painted it.

The repair cost less than buying a new guitar and that's what the client wanted. The break was transparent unless you examined it closely. The client was happy and we saved a nice guitar.

Milling a suitable section to be gluable

The finished route

Measuring the routed area with a shape tool

Where the mahogany meets the glue

Glued and clamped

Chiseling it down to size

Shaping the new area with a file

After sanding it down

After paint

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