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Guild Soundhole Repair

All the bits and pieces of the broken soundhole

This poor Guild belongs to a wonderful singer/songwriter who tripped while installing her feedbackbuster as she was getting on stage and pushed the soundhole in. This is a very special guitar to her and she was devastated. I think it was pure luck that when I went to piece it together we were able to find all the little bits and pieces.

The thing I needed to do was to be able to align the pieces properly and make it as strong as new. I took a thin piece of spruce and cut it to fit inside the soundhole underneath the damaged area. I cut it to fit with the bracing inside the guitar.

I decided to use hot hide glue, which is a traditional glue that dries very strong, hard and clear. I didn't want the glue to color the fixed area. After heating the soundhole area (to give me longer working time) I quickly put all the pieces in place, made sure they were aligned properly and clamped it up. You can see how many clamps I had to use to make sure all the pieces stayed in place.

Once it was dried, I used sawdust and glue to fill in the gaps of the cracks. That did pretty well at leveling the area and providing a similar enough color to not draw your eye to it. I filed and sanded the edge of the backplate around the hole to make it smooth and disappear under the repair.

Once the filler dried, I sprayed multiple layers of lacquer over the next few days to even out the repair. After a couple of weeks I was able to sand it down even and polish it up.

The client was extremely happy to have her baby back with only the most superficial of scars after thinking it was gone forever.

A view of the outside and inside damage

A piece of spruce to make the backplate

Notice how the new backplate fits with the inside braces

Marking the backplate

The soundhole backplate ready to install

It seems to fit

Heating the soundhole area

How many clamps can we fit in a soundhole?

Notice the cross clamp in the middle to push things into place

All glued together.

The blade (upper left) has sawdust on it to fill the gaps

Taped up for spraying lacquer

Almost done

Lacquer is level and the guitar looks and sounds great

I love happy clients!

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