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G&L Reshaping Neck Profile

Noah's G&L Bass

I have a composer/multi-instrumentalist client who wanted me to reshape his G&L bass neck to be more comfortable for his smaller hands. The G&L basses have a nice solid neck with a shape somewhere in between a C and a D profile. In order to make it feel more natural for him we decided to shape it more like a soft V, that way we could keep some of the thickness (and stability), but make it feel smaller because there's less meat on the shoulders.

Here is something similar to what the neck profile looks like stock:

Here is more like what we're going for:

When I was working with Michael DeTemple, there were a few things he did which I had never seen before. One of them was shaping a neck with a razor blade. The first time I saw it, it was like a mad scientist in his laboratory with his hands flailing up and down the neck and paper thin wood shaving flying all over the place. Once I started doing it I realized how much control over the shape I had and how smooth the lines were.

First I removed the neck, took off the hardware, and taped up the fretboard. I then began to shape the shoulders and ended up with quite a pile of shavings. I had him come back the next day for an hour of so, so that I could shape a little, put it in his hands and get immediate feedback from him. Then I'd reshape a bit more. This went back and forth a few times until his hand nearly melted into the profile of the neck. Then I sanded it down to a nice satin feel.

I gave it to him "in the raw", as he wanted to finish it with tung oil himself. We were both very happy with the way it came out.

Fretboard all taped up

Shaping the back with a razor

Shaping the sides with a razor

Shavings and tools (mainly a razor and sandpaper)

More shavings and tools

Other mods, repair, and custom work available as well.

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